A Boy Travels From Dubai To Joshimath To Win Back His Love

In yet another fresh story from the Offbeat Track Podcast with Remembering Joshimath, Dhruv takes a journey from Dubai to Joshimath in India. The plan which initially started as a break from his regular mundane life turned into a journey of love and friendship.

Dhruv: Durgesh Patidar
Disha: Karishma Patel

Producer – Abhishek Kumar

Writer – Durgesh Patidar

Editing- Mukesh Mandloi

Sound Design- Abhishek Kumar

Theme Music- Raj Naik

Mixed by- Prasenjit Das

Graphics- Prashant Verma, Shubham Ghadi

Podcast Lead- Priyanka Ganwani

Creative Lead- Siddharth Aalambayan

You can listen to Part I of Road To Tawang here https://curlytales.com/podcast/ep-5-road-to-tawang-part-i/

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