A City Girl Escapes To Tirthan Valley Only To Find Hope In A Stranger

In the course of finding her soul, Shreya takes a  relatively unknown journey. On the second episode of the Offbeat Track Podcast, set yourself up for a roller coaster ride as you listen to how Shreya’s life takes an unplanned turn and how Kabir becomes a part of it. Shreya’s bus journey becomes a path to a beautiful exchange of life lessons between the two strangers – Kabir and her. All this, against the picturesque Valley of Tirthan.
You can listen to Part I of With Love From Tirthan, here. https://curlytales.com/podcast/ep-1-with-love-from-tirthan-part-i/
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Shreya- Sushmita Sahela

Kabir- Rajan a.k.a Shubhankar Tripath

Ravi- Aashish Garg

Bus conductor- Durgesh Patidar