Street Stories Ep. 7 Veeral Patel (From ₹35 to ₹13 Crores)

by Trishana Goswami
by Trishana Goswami 2793 views

In the 7th episode of Steet Stories podcast by Curly Tales, we are celebrating the hard work and dedication of Mr Veeral Patel, who travelled to Mumbai from Gujarat with only ₹35 in his pocket and now owns Gaurav Sweets, a business making a profit of ₹13 crores on a yearly basis. Isn’t that incredible? Listen to the full podcast to know more about his journey from ₹35 to ₹13 crores.
Watch the video here: From ₹35 To ₹13 Cr -Veeral Patel, Gaurav Sweets | Curly Tales