Street Stories Ep. 3: Dadi Ki Rasoi

Do you think, kindness doesn’t exist in our society anymore? Well! you haven’t heard Episode 3 of Street Stories Podcast yet. In this episode, we are talking to Anup ji the owner of Dadi Ki Rasoi from Noida. This man is selling Dal-rice made of pure ghee at his stall in Noida, only at Rs. 5/-, Anup ji is now serving 400 people from in and around Noida presently. Not only this, but he is also selling clothes to needy people at Rs. 10/-. His act of kindness has resulted in loyal customers and a huge fan following from across the country. So let’s hear the journey of his victory and inspiration from the man himself.

Watch the full episode here: Dadi Ki Rasoi Feeding People At ₹5 only | Sector 29, Noida | Curly Tales