Roti Rollers Serves Gooey Hersheys Chocolate Samosas


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Roti Rollers serves samosas with a sweet twist and its unlike anything we’ve seen in Dubai! The Hersheys samosas are filled with chocolatey goodness and we bet you can’t eat just one.

What’s It?

What’s crispy on the outside and spongy from the inside? A tea-time snack, a must-have on wedding menus and get-togethers, samosas have come a long way, from being a mere veggie delight. And Dubai’s vibrant culinary scene has only been reason enough for chefs to experiment with this otherwise humble snack.

Roti Rollers in La Mer dishes out hot samosas that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling in your stomach. However, the catch is that these samosas are meant to be eaten for dessert. Unlike cliche vegetable or meat samosas, Roti Rollers are the first one to make chocolate samosas. Loaded with oodles of warm Hershey’s chocolate syrup, the samosas come loaded with chocolatey goodness and are a must-try for all chocolate fans. You can order a single samosa for AED 10 or have three for AED 25. The menu also has other sweet treats like jalebi with rabdi and kooling kulfi. 

On The Menu

If you prefer spicy fritters, try the potato samosas. The bite-sized portion allows you to polish off 4-6 pieces in one go. Oh, and don’t forget to savour the variety of sauces that come with it. The menu also has signature rolls that come with chicken, beef, panner, and lamb fillings. You can also customize your roll by picking from wholewheat, avocado, beetroot, lentil or pav bhaji roti along with your favourite stuffing. Lastly, don’t forget to sauce it up with their signature sauces– sweet tamarind, curry mayonnaise, korma, burnt chilly and more.

Credits: Roti Rollers Facebook

Credits: Roti Rollers Facebook

The restaurant also has a specialized chaat trolley serving lip-smacking homemade chaat. Don’t forget to ask them for the day’s selection.

What Else?

Meanwhile, Nutella lovers, My Mosa in Dubai serves delicious samosas with unique fillings like Butter Chicken and Nutella. The Butter Chicken samosa is served with Makhani Dill dip and an arugula salad at AED 30 a portion while the Nutella samosa is stuffed with oodles of Nutella and is served with vanilla ice-cream and salted caramel drizzle.

Location: La Mer, Dar Wasl
Timings: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Cost: AED 115 for two
Contact: 04 3450761

Vaishnavi Venkataraman
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