Get 50% Discount At Best Restaurants In Mumbai & Pune With The Eatigo App

by Kritika Kukreja

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Want to save up to 50% on dining costs every time you eat out? Eatigo app allows you a bunch of discounts while dining in Mumbai and Pune. 

What Is It?

Are you a big time foodie but you worry about spending a lot on eating out? Well, Eatigo is the solution for you. An app available in Mumbai and Pune now lets you save up to or 50% every time you eat out! Select your location and type of cuisine you’d like to eat, and you’ll find a whole lot of discounted restaurants to choose from! Eatigo promises a 50% off at least twice daily on food. You can also select by sub location. Now who can pass on this opportunity?

What’s The Process?

With no registration or membership fees, you just have to download the Eatigo app on your phone and register with your details. Next, choose your city – Mumbai or Pune. Next, you need to select your sub-area or even the cuisine/restaurant you’re looking for. Pick out the date, number of people, discount you would like and voila, you’ve got yourself a great meal – with a guaranteed discount.

So if your treat is pending, this is the best way to get lots of food at your table and not burn a hole in your pocket as well!


Eatigo App – Available on Playstore for Android, App Store for iOS
Place – Mumbai and Pune
Download here