Sip in Style At This New Mixed-Drink Bar Now Open In Downtown Dubai

Bar Dubai
by Deeplata Garde

Looking to indulge in a higher echelon of refinement and sophistication? Your quest leads you to AGORA – the latest gem in Dubai’s culinary crown. The new bar is nestled within the esteemed confines of The Dubai EDITION hotel. AGORA draws its essence from the ancient Greek term ‘agora’, a nucleus of communal discourse and interaction.

A New Sophisticated, Affluent Bar Is Coming To Dubai


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The interior is an opulent reverie, adorned in warm hues, lush emerald accents, and bronzed embellishments. The space marries sleek modernity with old-world charm. It boasts plush leather seating, velvety barstools and cascading chains. A seamless outdoors emerges through a windowless terrace, inviting al fresco indulgence as the temperature wanes.

Yet AGORA’s narrative transcends that of a mere watering hole. It transforms into a social enclave, hosting curated soirées and gatherings. The night unfolds under the sway of a live DJ, who plays a harmonious blend of lounge, house, and disco melodies.

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What Should We Drink At AGORA?


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Maestro of mixology, Simone Caporale, orchestrates this sensory symphony.  A plethora of juniper-infused elixirs and tonics grace the menu. It has also been complemented by Caporale’s signature masterpieces. Among the luminaries, the Agora Spritz takes the stage – an effervescent ballet of gin, elderflower, grapefruit, and prosecco.

Then the Mediterranean Sour, a zesty union of gin, lemon, basil, and olive oil; and finally, the Aegean Sea, a cerulean marvel fusing gin, mastiha, cucumber, and soda. From succulent beef tartare to vibrant beetroot salad, a melange of cheeses, and an ensemble of charcuterie, each note harmoniously elevates the liquid libations.

AGORA’s doors swing open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 6 pm to 1 am. It extends the rhythm on weekends, Friday to Sunday, from 6 pm to 3 am. Its splendour resides on Dubai Fountain Street, nestled within the embrace of Downtown Dubai at The Dubai Edition Hotel. AGORA’s aspiration is to etch a new zenith for cocktail culture in Dubai, a magnetic beacon for discerning connoisseurs.

So will you be coming to try this mixed-drink bar wrapped in rich tones of emerald accents & plush furnishings?

Cover Image Courtesy: Insta/ Agoradxb