10 Spicy Foods In Dubai For 2020

spiciest food in dubai
by Sweta Swaminathan
by Sweta Swaminathan 1436
There is an assortment of restaurants serving some insane spicy food in Dubai. If you are someone who enjoys a little (lot) of heat in your food – these dishes will make you the huff and puff. Fair warning, while you may enjoy gorging down these dishes – your stomach may not handle this torture. Considering the aftermath, carry antacids and oodles of water with you, to be safe.
Here’s where you can find the hottest finds in spicy food in Dubai.

1. Hot Pepper Shrimp at Miss Lilys DXB

If you expected seafood to lack flavours – this one would change your perception forever! Hot Pepper Shrimp at Miss Lilys is so popular, visitors cannot stop gushing about it. The Jamaican eatery has perfected this dish with a generous serving of peppers and sauce in the marinade. Best paired with in-house cocktails.
spicy food in dubai

credits – miss lilys dxb facebook

2. Goan Vindaloo at Grub Shack

Vindaloo is one of the spiciest Goan dishes, which is meat mixed in red chilli gravy. The tangy vinegar mixed with the chillis gives it a complete kick in just one bite. To give your taste buds a relief, pair it with some white rice. There is a selection of Goan restaurants in Dubai that serve this dish, but Grub Shack does it best.
spicy food in dubai

credits – grub shack facebook

3. Firecracker Chicken at Wagamama

Eat at your own risk. This dish has the bandwidth to make you pant for water, and yet not stop from gulping down the deliciousness. Each bite of this delicacy is exploding with flavours from the veggies to the soft pieces of chicken. There is a sweet kick amidst the spice that makes your tastebuds do a little dance every time you eat it. Find this fiery, spicy food in Dubai at all outlets of Wagamama.
spicy food dubai

credits – Wagamama facebook

4. Atomic Wings at Wingstop

This dish could give the ultimate dare to your spice threshold. Coated with Habanero and other chillis – this is one of the hottest wings in Dubai that is delicious to let go. You would surely need some ice cream after this dish. Several other chicken wings in Dubai are quite high of the spiciness score. 
spicy food dubai

credits – Wingstop facebook

5. Crazy Spicy Skillet at Denny’s

Much like the title suggests, this dish is not for the faint-hearted. The Crazy Spicy Skillet is a gluten-free, sizzling meat platter topped with the spiciest condiments and a generous amount of cheese. The skillet is laden with fire-roasted bell peppers, a spicy five pepper sauce and a layer of melted pepper jack cheese. If this doesn’t get alarms ringing, nothing else would.

spicy food dubai

credits – dennys middle east

6. The ‘XXX Suicide Inferno Wings’ at Claw BBQ

If you are up for the biggest food challenge in Dubai – it would involve gulping these wings down. The challenge is to have 12 wings in just 20 minutes. For every 7 wings, you win yourself a free beer. Mind you – each of these wings are one of the craziest dishes ever. One needs to wear goggles and gloves during the meal as the aftermath stays back after the spice kicks in. Warning: this mind-melting dish requires a waiver.

inferno wings dubai

credits – shutterstock

7. Hot Lava Roll at Mizu

The name serves as a fair warning to those planning to have this dish. Filled inside the roll are some shrimp tempura, avocado and cucumber. The hot twist is the exploding spicy mayo filled with holland chilli. The drizzle of spicy mayo makes this spicy food in Dubai a huff-puff affair.

hot lava roll mizu

credits – mizu facebook

8. Idukki Gold Pizza at Weirdough

Who knew that a dish as therapeutic as Pizza would make you want to call the fire brigade. Weirdough, much like their name, offers the craziest toppings on Pizza! Kerala food lovers adore the classic Beef Fry which is essentially meat sauteed in oodles of pepper, green chillis, mustard and curry leaves. This crazy spicy dish is now a pizza topping – making this one of the fieriest pizzas in Dubai.

spicy food dubai

credits – weirdough facebook

9. Yangnum Chicken at Seoul Garden

Yangnyum chicken is a Korean Fried Chicken that is coated with glutinous, spicy and sweet sauce. The dish is a succulent and juicy – the spice overwhelms you when it hits. The sweet sauce is simply irresistible, complimenting well with the fieriness. This dish is quite popular amongst who adore Asian cuisine around the world. So it naturally had to qualify as one of the crazy spicy foods in Dubai.

seoul garden dubai

credits – seoul garden

10. Pad Kee Mao at Ban Khun Mae

Pad Kee Mao, also known as Drunken Noodles is one of the fieriest dishes in Thai Cuisine. It perhaps got its name as the zing factor of the dish makes you feel off your senses, similar to when one gets drunk. The dish is high on the Scoville scale considering the Thai Chillis and other exotic spices that give it the ultimate kick. Despite it all, the dish is so flavourful, you cannot stop devouring it.

spicy food dubai

credits – shutterstock

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