Street Stories S2 EP7: Acid Attack Victim Daulat Bi Khan Runs A Supermarket & Employs Other Survivors

by Trishana Goswami
by Trishana Goswami 4751
In the year 2010, Daulat Bi Khan was a victim of an Acid Attack caused by her own sister and her family. From getting the treatment to finding a job as a maid and begging outside mosques to feed her kids, she has struggled a lot. In the year 2016, she formed her own NGO – Acid Survivor Sahas Foundation to support the victims. It was during COVID 19 outbreak that Daulat found it most difficult to support herself, other survivors and their families through her NGO. With no help received from anywhere, she decided to start ‘All In One Mini Supermarket’, Mumbai’s only supermarket employing acid attack victims. Watch the inspirational story of Daulat Bi Khan on this episode of Street Stories.
Location – Opp. Highland Court Apartments, Bandra West, Mumbai

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