5 Of The Strongest Beers In India That Will Give You A Quick Buzz

by Khushi Rastogi
by Khushi Rastogi 168

If you are looking for a strong beer to gulp down this summer. These beers might not compare to your party spirits like vodka and tequilas. However, if you are looking for something light you can go for these beers that promise a whooping 7-8 percent ABV. Here are 5 of the strongest beers in India for you to enjoy if you are looking for a quick buzz and a hangover-free night.

1. Godfather Super8 Beer

This is one of the most famous and celebrated brands in India, mostly North India. This made-in-India beer brand brought an 8 percent ABV amount into the world of Indian spirits. This refreshing malt is available in India along with German bitters.


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2. Simba Strong

This homegrown brand with flavours that are well balanced. The flavours of malt, bread, and citrus in the concoction. The ABV level of 8 percent will provide a strong buzz. This beer is a crowd pleaser and it pairs well with almost all foods.


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3. Bad Monkey

The brew incorporates a secret recipe that involves adding hops, esters, and aromatics to the malt. This strong beer stands at an 8 percent ABV. Bad monkey has a strong aroma and a golden hue. It is a popular choice among beer lovers and pairs well with spicy foods.


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4. Carlsberg Elephant

One of the world’s largest, most popular beer brands, Carlsberg offers some of Denmark’s finest brews. This malt has underlined hints of flavours like caramel, apple, melon, oak, and nuts. The quality and balance of flavours in this beer are delicious with an ABV of 7.2 percent is a party favourite.

5. Bira 91 boom

Bira 91 is known to be one of the most electric brews in India. The beer comes with a combination of two-row and caramel malts. This malty Munich lager has an ABV of 7 percent and is a crowd pleaser.


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Drink these beers for an electric night of party with your loved ones.


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