Tamil Lyricist Finds Chicken Pieces In Vegetarian Dish; Demands Apology From Swiggy Head

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The vegetarian and non-vegetarian goof up is a common one among restaurants. And food delivery services like Swiggy, unfortunately, get grilled by customers almost regularly. Such incidents usually surface on social media and companies do everything possible do make things right. While, some decide to let go the mistakes, some customers do take it very seriously. In yet, another such incident, Swiggy faced severe backlash, after it delivered non-veg food to a vegetarian. Basically, the customer found chicken pieces in his veg order. The incident was reported by Ko Sesha, a Tamil lyricist, who is a strict vegetarian.

Chicken Found In Veg Dish; Swiggy Grilled

Ko Sesha, took to twitter to report how The Bowl Company goofed up his food order. He shared a pictures of his bowl of vegetarian food which had chicken pieces in it. He even shared a screenshot of the order he placed with The Bowl Company on Swiggy. Ko Sesha wrote, ‘I’ve been a strict vegetarian all my life & it disgusts me to think how casually they tried to buy my values.’ He even demanded an apology from Swiggy. He wrote, ‘I demand that a representative of Swiggy, no lesser than the State Head call me to personally to apologise. I also reserve my rights to a legal remedy.’

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Internet’s Reactions

Ko Sesha’s garnered huge traction on the internet. And many netizens shared their opinions regarding the issue. Some were quick to share their own horrible set of experiences with Swiggy and its services, while had their own explanations.

Take a look at what the Twitter users wrote,

‘You choose from non veg restaurant for your veg food.. Why complaining…’

‘If it’s a veg biryani then it has to be veg only.If someone is eggetarian and eats only eggs he can’t expect a piece of chicken in it. In your chicken curry would u expect a piece of beef ….’

‘LIts not about veg or non veg restaurant. It’s about the order. It clearly shows @Swiggy negligence in meeting customer satisfaction.’

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