These Big All Natural Burgers Got The Ultimate Arab Twist!

by Jui Nikita 1841

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The world’s ultimate comfort food is now loaded with Oman Chips and can be served with Laban Up at this diner in Abu Dhabi! 

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What Is It?

Burger28 is an elite burger concept that was founded by a half-French, half-British but born and raised in UAE vegetarian who after 20 years of being a veggie fell in love with burgers. The diner captures the essence and familiarity of traditional cafes throughout the Emirates whilst adapting to the modern Emirati lifestyle. You can have your Oman Chips infused burgers served with Laban Up plus an extra bag of Oman Chips!

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What’s In It?

Dynamite28 – “The DB”  is AED 39 which is a 4.28oz prime 100% all-natural Angus beef + DB Sauce + mature cheddar cheese + Chips Oman + lettuce & jalapenos in an NYC potato bun accompanied with a bag of Chips Oman. You can double and triple this up or go straight for an 8 patty tower burger challenge! ‘The Naar’ – Chicken and Cheetos – AED 41 is a 4.28oz deep-fried Japanese panko breaded chicken breast + Chips Oman + Flaming Hot Cheetos + Naar Sauce.

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What Else?

Truffle fans we have a loaded treat for you here Truffle N Brie Slider – AED 20 / Regular Size – AED 40 which is 60g prime 100% all-natural Angus beef + truffle28 Sauce + french brie cheese & sauteed mushrooms in an NYC potato bun slider. Creamy Truffle Fries at AED 19 are crispy fries topped with parmesan tossed in Truffle oil & smothered in creamy truffle sauce.  If you’re craving spicy then go for the WA7SH Fries – AED 27 which is crispy fries topped with mature cheddar cheese + jalapenos + sour cream + beef bacon + Wa7sh sauce. Try the handcrafted Wa7sh sauce which is a sharp n’ spicy, tangy blend of dynamite infused mayo.

Burger28 Facebook

Burger28 Facebook

Location: Mussafah Shabiya and Al Mushrif, Abu Dhabi
Contact: +971 (0) 2 6315738/ +971 (0) 2 6318778

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