These Two UAE Chefs Are Cooking Up Zero-Waste Menu In Abu Dhabi & Here’s Why!

by Shrestha Purkayastha
by Shrestha Purkayastha 276

When we say ‘zero-waste’ meals, we don’t mean your mother refusing to let you leave the dinner table until you’ve finished all of your peas because “there are starving people out there,” she’d add. Please accept my apologies if that introduction triggered any painful memories. No, we’re referring to the habit of chefs attempting to produce lavish menus without producing any waste byproducts, which frequently results in some extremely inventive spreads.

The Chefs Will Whip Up A Six Course, Zero-Waste Menu

That will be the task facing UAE-based mega Chefs Matthijs Stinnissen and Tobias Taubner, who will take over the kitchens at W Abu Dhabi — Yas Island on Wednesday, January 26 to prepare a six-course dining experience dubbed Looped In. They chose this name to symbolize their desire to ‘loop people in’ to the zero waste food conversation. Plates will be piled high with delectable, sustainably cooked, locally sourced gourmet sorcery.

It’s an idea inspired, at least in part, by Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, which is currently underway and aims to hasten the world’s transition to a more sustainable future. Looped In is everything of that but in a more palatable form.

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What’s On The Menu This Time?

Garden In The Desert, a five-day aged local beetroot (with stem), glazed whole local vegetables, native desert plants, puree of roasted skin-on aubergine, pickled watermelon skin, local herbs, and edible flowers are among the dishes on the deliberately sounds-erm-interesting, tastes out-of-this-world menu. Ugly Tomato & Strawberry is also on the menu, and it’s made with ‘ugly’ pink beef tomatoes, violet-infused bruised red berry sorbet, and overripe strawberry tartare.

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Compliments To The Chefs

Matthijs Stinnissen is the famed Boca restaurant’s head chef. Stinnissen’s award-winning, often locally sourced dining adventures are known for his artful and innovative approach to reworking traditional dishes. He frequently uses methods like fermenting, curing, dehydrating, aging, and pickling to create his award-winning, often locally sourced dining adventures.

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Taubner won’t have to travel far. He’s the executive chef at W Abu Dhabi, Yas Island and has worked in a number of Michelin-starred restaurants in Germany and the United Kingdom. Tobias Taubner’s main kitchen qualities are his culinary imagination and a commitment to experimenting, both of which are similar to Tobias Taubner’s.  The event is taking place on ‘invite only’ basis.

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