This Cafe By The Arabian Sea In Varkala Offers Yummy Italian Dishes And Gorgeous Views

by Khushi Rastogi
by Khushi Rastogi 124

Varkala, a small coastal town in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram District, is famous for its delectable cuisine, beautiful sandy beaches, and golden sunsets. This town has a pristine beauty that will fascinate you with its untouched beauty and serene setting. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful coastal town then make sure to visit Café Italiano serving delicious Italian food and picture-perfect views.

Stunning Ambiance of Café Italiano

This beautiful restaurant is tucked away behind tall palm trees and is not easy to miss against the tranquility of the ocean. Cafe Italiano’s ambiance is lively and peaceful. A large statue of the Buddha in a serene position will welcome you as you enter. The roof is decorated with psychedelic patterns and it is mesmerising. It is certainly a sight to behold to eat wonderful meals while admiring the breathtaking views of the crystal blue ocean.

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Relish Italian Dishes

Café Italiano serves some of Varkala’s delicious Italian food. Their menu boasts a variety of dishes like relax and degust perfectly cooked prawns, fried fish, and pizza Margherita. At this restaurant, guests can order tasty chocolate mousse. Caffe Italiano’s must-try is delicious cold coffee, fresh juices, or espresso. One of the best things about this place is its pleasant service. The prices are on the affordable side.

Head to Café Italiano in Varkala which offers delicious Italian dishes and stunning views.

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Places to visit near Varkala

Janardhana Swami Temple

Hindu worshipers travel from all over the nation to Varkala to worship this more than 200-year-old temple. It is a revered Vaishnavite shrine in India known for its exquisite construction. The temple appears incredibly magnificent and beautiful, with a towering arching entrance and a tile roof. It is situated not far from Varkala Beach.

Anjengo Fort and Lighthouse

Anjengo Fort and Lighthouse are two major historical structures that are near Varkala. Anjengo was the first trading station in Kerala chosen by the English East India Company in 1684. It’s significant since it was the site of the first British settlement in the nation.

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