This Eatery In Sharjah Serves Food On A Steering Wheel Tray And Lets You Enjoy Meals In A Car

by Ishita Agarwal
by Ishita Agarwal 185

Outdoor and inside meals are both enjoyable, but on days when you feel like eating in the vehicle, you need to consider 10 things first. However, if you like eating in the car but detest the mess it makes, this Sharjah eatery offers something for you. The best part is that they offer you food on a steering wheel tray. To learn more about it, keep reading. 

Destination Burger Is The Sharjah New Place To Enjoy Your Food In the Car 

Undoubtedly a great method to keep food in your vehicle while avoiding a mess. The popular and reasonably priced Destination Burger in Sharjah has finally introduced the Car Dine-in idea. Yes, the car dine-in idea has gained a lot of popularity, particularly since Covid, and it seems that the restaurant has heard our cries by bringing it to the UAE. 

The employees will set up a large tray in your vehicle and load it up with all the food as soon as your order is due to be delivered, so you’ll have to wait in the car while placing your order. You may relax and savour the cuisine in the comfort of your automobile since the tray will be large enough to carry all of your food and beverages. You may roll up the windows and enjoy your heavy dinner without worrying about spilling it wherever as the summer heats up. Now isn’t it amazing? 



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Enjoy Tasty Burgers In Your Car 

You can taste their amazing burgers and fries. And guess what? You can have all these at just 25 AED to 45 AED. So, what are you waiting for? Head to destination burger in Sharjah and enjoy your treat in your car! And don’t forget to try their Chicken Sando & Double Patty Beef Burger. 



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