This Homestay In Uttarakhand Lies In A Pristine Village Between Bhimtal And Almora

by Khushi Rastogi
by Khushi Rastogi 159

If you are a travel gig, mountain lover and homestay lover at the same time, we have found a beautiful leisure place for you in a beautiful village called Natadol. This village lies in the beautiful valley of Uttrakhand between Almora and Bhimtal. This precious tiny cottage-like home is exquisitely beautiful, spilled with greenery around tall-long forests that gives a total Vermejo Park Ranch feel!

Aesthetics Of Joy Stay In Natadol

The keepers of this lovely villa are Joya Aunty, Paul, and her two sons, Daniel and David and a cute little dog. The villa has four rooms, two of which have an attic with additional beds. The villa gives an aesthetic feel through its polished hand-picked wooden work interior and is exquisitely designed with a lovely kitchen. The extreme natural beauty of climbers surrounds the cute hut-shaped villa entrance. The cottage is also well equipped with basic amenities, including classy couches in the drawing room, a fireplace and rooftop dining with a breathtaking view and cute kittens plates on the wall. It is exquisitely designed with a lovely kitchen which is beautifully decorated with a cello showpiece and magnificent flowers.

Famous Celebrity Homestay

The comfy homestay has hosted our favourite character from the famous OTT show Family Man, Manjoy Bajpyee, also known as Shreekant Tiwari and the owner of a famous restaurant chain called SodaBottleOpenerWala, chef Anahita Dhondy Bhandari.

Scrumptious Spread Offered By The Homestay

The villa provides fresh fruit preserves in the flavours like apple-pear , Guava  and orange with no preservatives and is 100% organic. And you can also enjoy fresh Peaches, plums, and apricots fruits handpicked from trees. The place offers lip-smacking food like spaghetti, waffles and a wide variety of cuisine.


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Booking Information

The lovely homestay is not available on any hotel booking sites. To experience a magnificent experience, you need to DM them at @joysatnatadol, and all it costs is – ₹9000 for two people, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Book this aesthetic homestay in Uttarakhand which lies between Bhimtal and Almora for a serene experience out in the nature with a view worth dying for!


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