Travel Tales: Ep 24: Mother Invests In Her Daughter’s Travels Over Marriage | Curly Tales

by Bianca Saurastri
by Bianca Saurastri 5199

Meet Silky Puri & her Husband Gagan believe in investing in their daughters travelling experiences over further education & marriage because as per their thinking, the learning & exposure that you get through travels is completely different from what you get from books & college degrees. As a working mother, Silky does not get much time to spend time with her daughter, so these travel trips are the ones that bring them closer as a family. As parents, they want Khwaish to become more confident, self-reliant & confident & these travels have surely made a huge difference to her personality and taste buds by trying new dishes & experiences. Do you agree with Silky & Gagan’s thinking? Let us know in the comments below.

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