Have You Tried Beef Shawarma At Hotel Fanoos Bengaluru

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Hotel Fanoos serves up Beef Shawarma’s, that are full of meaty goodness and we are saying bring them on!

What Is It?

Try this! take a kuboos or Arabic pita bread and stuff it with chunks and chunks of slow roasted beef. And if you want an authentic handcrafted one that is customized, then head to Fanoos. This meat wonder ‘Beef Shawarma‘ is an ingenious way to eat beef and digest it in one go. Strictly for beef lovers, or for high protein dieters as these start at just ₹55.

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Whats In It?

Beef, beef and more beef. Its an easier way to eat a steak I feel, as the beef has been slow roasted throughout the day that makes it succulent and juicy with each bite. These chunks of beef are mixed with sauces and pickle’s to make it even more delectable before rolling them in a kuboos. Each bite brings in an excellent mix of smoky, spicy deliciousness. And they come in sizes to suit each one’s satiation level.

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What Else?

Fanoos was always known as iconic roll place. Jhonson Market’s famous roll hub and restaurant has been the go-to place for beef lovers. Beef Seekh Rolls, Minced Beef Rolls that come in different sizes that have a very branded Fanoos taste that has remained intact over decades. Try their Beef Gravies, and Kebabs, that surely beat out all competition in the vicinity. These have are inherited traditional recipes that have been the best-kept secret so far.


Kebabs at Fanoos


Address: 17, Hosur Road, Near Johnson Market, Richmond Town, Bengaluru
Phone: 65838266
Approx Cost: ₹ 400 for 2 people, Beef Shawarma costs: Regular ₹55, Jumbo ₹100, Mumbo ₹150


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