Have You Tried Bella Kaapi At Hatti Kaapi Bengaluru

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    Hatti Kaapi introduces Bella Kaapi to Bengaluru, and we love this new cuppa…

    What Is It?

    You must be wondering what is Bella? No, Bella is not a South Indian version of Bella from Beauty and the Beast, but simply means jaggery in Kannada,  and Kaapi is  just coffee duh!. So, lo and behold its jaggery replacing sugar that’s giving a denser sweetness to the brew. And this frothy steaming cuppa comes at just ₹30.

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    Hatti Kaapi

    Bella Kaapi at Hatti Kaapi

    What’s In It?

    It’s a traditional way of drinking the brew that most Bengalurean’s love, of course it has to be a filter coffee too, but jaggery adds a special ‘halli’ or village touch to it. Hatti Kaapi has replaced sugar to add zest to a regular filter cuppa. Bella Kaapi   has a dark sweetness to the bitter coffee that makes it quiet a swirl in the mouth giving a raw sweet deliciousness. Try it in an earthen pot as it adds an extra touch and aroma while you sip on this delicious hot brew.

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    What Else?

    Hatti Kaapi has 8 outlets around Bengaluru. And serve a typical Bengaluru tiffin and snacks such as Maddurvadas famous snack from the Maddur town, that’s a savoury flat fried snack, Masala Buns with Peanuts, Potato Stuffed Buns that taste ‘wow’ when eaten with their chas or teas, milkshakes and kaapis.

    Hatti Kaapi

    Cha at Hatti Kaapi


    Address: Brigade Road, Koramangala, Rajajajinagar, Jayanagar, Kempegowda International Airport ,Ulsoor, Nagawara, Rajarajeshwari Nagar
    Approx Cost: ₹100 for 2 people, Bella Kaapi costs ₹30

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    Jeelani Shareif
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