UAE: Moviegoers, Relish New Gourmet THEATRE Menu At VOX Cinemas Across Emirates

by Deeplata Garde

UAE’s preferred cinema, VOX has returned with another joy for its viewers. VOX Cinema has announced a new menu at the luxury cinema at multiple locations in the Middle East. It’s a perfect combination of food and film. So if you fancy some gourmet food while you are enjoying a movie then do visit VOX cinemas in UAE and more.

VOX Cinemas Has Introduced A New THEATRE Menu


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Movie-goers can enjoy movies with some finger-licking food from the newly introduced THEATRE Menu at VOX Cinemas across UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait. Curated with the help of reputed master chefs, the menu includes gastronomical delights that are not just scrumptious but also aesthetically pleasing.

An effort is taken to provide a best-in-class dining experience to the film buffs visiting the theatres. Every element present on the menu has been carefully selected after experimental studies based on customer reach, demands and a range to attract the crowds.

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What To Eat?


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Dynamite Shrimps, freshly-picked Falafel Salad, oven-baked Roasted Fig & Goat’s Cheese Flat Bread. Pepper Beef Skewers, vegetarian-friendly Impossible Meat Sliders, and chicken-stuffed Theatre Tacos are just a few of the delectable dishes available.

How will the menu end without adding desserts to it? From mini basque cheesecake bites to knickerbocker glory they have curated irresistible sweet dishes.

The luxury moviegoing sensation has been redefined by VOX Cinemas’ in-theatre dining idea THEATRE. THEATRE blends the cinematic impact of feeling with the culinary delight of fine cuisine. Visitors have the option of dining in the upscale bar or having their meals brought right to their seats by a special in-theatre waiter service. THEATRE features cutting-edge multimedia equipment in a chic and cosy environment, as well as reclining leather chairs, plush blankets, and pillows.

Moviegoers are going to get excited with the launch of this new menu at the luxury cinema concept by VOX Cinemas. You can avail of THEATRE Packages that are available. It is inclusive of:

  • One Movie Ticket Of Your Preference
  • One Starter, Classic and dessert of your choice
  • One Beverage option of your choice

So if you intend to visit VOX Cinema next time, surely consider booking the THEATRE Package.

Cover Image Courtesy: Insta/ VOX Cinemas