VJ Anusha, Sanjay Dutt & Arshad Varsi Love Eating Fried Grasshoppers & Worms In Thailand

Vj Anusha's Love For Thailand #InAMinute
by Sneha Pai
by Sneha Pai 476

VJ Anusha Dandekar looked nothing short of a vision in her black Rocky S gown. The ever so stylish veejay-turned actress was at the Thailand Tourism press conference and was all praises about her local experience there.

As a matter of fact, the vivacious and lively veejay has visited Thailand on a number of occasions (more than 20 times). In fact, while she was shooting for Anthony Kaun Hai, she also narrated her experience with Thai delicacy – grasshoppers!

VJ Anusha’s Thai Food Experience

Sanjay Dutt & Arshad Warsi love eating fried grasshoppers and fried worms. They love it!  It (fried grasshoppers) is a delicacy and local Thai experience. They put it in bags so you could carry it like a pack of chips. Sanjay Dutt is running down the street, chasing me, and he grabs me and he made me eat FIVE! I can tell you it tastes like chips!

VJ Anusha

I sat down with her at the event to ask her a few questions, watch her sum up everything she loves about Thailand in a minute!

Anusha speaks exclusively to Curly Tales on everything you need to know about Thailand and her favourite experiences that you must try in 2017 #InAMinute

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