10 Best Squid Dishes You Need To Try

1. Calamari: These crunchy, golden squid fries are simply irresistible.

2. Basil squid: This aromatic Thai-style dish will soothe your taste buds.

3. Squid Pizza: It is popular in coastal nations.

4. Squid Fried Rice: Made with oyster sauce, this fried rice is flavourful.

5. Calamarata Pasta: We all love pasta, and squid pasta is awesome.

6. Ojingeo Bokkeum: This is a scrumptious Korean squid recipe.

7. Squid And Prawn Soup: It is a hearty and tasty broth.

8. Squid Salad: Tuck into this squid dish loaded with veggies.

9. Squid Balls: These are fried balls loaded with squid.

10. Grilled squid: Low on oil, high on taste, this squid recipe is a must-try.