8 Best Street Food Options In Dwarka, Delhi

1. Shawarma: Get the best at Dwarka Sector 10 Market.

2. Ram Ladoo: It is sold outside Bikaner Choice sweets, Dwarka Sector 6.

3. Gravy Momos: Try them at Dwarka Sector 11 Jewellery Market

4. Lucknowi Kebabs: Relish them at Dwarka Sector 10 Market.

6. Pav Bhaji: Get them at Finger Lickers, Dwarka Sector 11.

7. Gol Gappa: Every nook and cranny of Delhi has gol gappa stalls and Dwarka is no exception.

8. Dosas: The streetside dosas at Sector 5 market are crispy and delicious.

Whoever loves desi street food will fall in love with Dwarka.

There are plethora of options and all of them are delicious.