10 Common Food Items That Can Cause Food Poisoning

1. Eggs may contain salmonella, which can cause food poisoning. 

2. Unpasteurised milk may still contain bacteria which leads to stomach flu. 

3. Oysters, when slurped raw can cause stomach flu. 

4. Salads contain raw veggies like lettuce which may lead to food poisoning. 

5. Raw sprouts may contain salmonella as it grows in humid conditions. 

6. Raw flour especially in cookie dough can have E-coli. 

7. Chicken is a common cause of food poisoning. So, it's best to cook it to a proper temperature to kill bacteria. 

8. Pre-cut Melons often inhabit germs on the rinds. 

9. Shawarma cooked in outdoor stalls can attract salmonella  bacteria. 

10. Leftover Pizza left outside for hours can attract bacteria and cause food poisoning.