10 Facts About Christmas In Park Street, Kolkata

1. Christmas is the most iconic celebration in Kolkata's Park Street area.

3. A food festival takes place before Christmas from where one can buy authentic cakes, Chinese dishes, cute Christmas accessories like Santa masks, reindeer horns, and much more.

4. Park Street's Allen Park gets dotted with Christmas trees, bells and food kiosks.

5. The musical performances by rock bands add more enthusiasm to the park's atmosphere.

6. People of all age groups throng to Park Street during this time, donning Christmas ensembles.

7. Popular pubs and restaurants in Park Street remain fully packed, and diners need to stand in queues to get a seat.

8. The restaurants come up with Christmas-special menus and drinks.

9. If you're lucky, you can also get a free gift from Santa while on the streets.

10. If you're visiting Park Street during Christmas, remember to call up the restaurant guys to pre-book a seat for you and your gang.