10 Food Items To Deal With Mountain Sickness

1.Dry fruits: They're anti-oxidant rich and aid in easy acclimatisation.

2. Fruit juices: They help in fighting nausea.

3. Hot soups: They keep your body warm and help you acclimatise with the altitudes better.

4. Rice: They are rich in carbohydrates. You need more carbs when you're travelling to the heights.

5. Kidney beans: They are rich in iron.

6. Water: Yes, water! Staying hydrated is extremely important in the mountains.

7. Beetroot: It helps in the smooth functioning of the blood vessels.

8. Coffee: Coffee in the mountains is an absolute joy. It keeps you warm and cheerful.

9. Dates: They're a great source of energy.

10. Leafy greens: They can boost your immunity levels.