10 Healthy Reasons To Gobble Cauliflower

1. Cauliflower or gobi is rich in choline which is essential for boosting your memory. 

2. The cruciferous vegetable has a lot of fibre that will improve digestion. 

3. The antioxidants in cauliflower help keep cancer at bay. 

4. Loaded with Vitamin K, cauliflower strengthens bones.

5. Low in calories, cauliflower helps with weight loss. 

6. The sulforaphane in cauliflower helps protect cells from any damage to the DNA.

7. The cruciferous veggie also helps to keep your hormones balanced. 

8. It's a versatile veggie which is super delicious like in Aloo Gobi or even Gobi Manchurian forms. 

9. Cauliflower also aids blood circulation. 

10. It's a good alternative to gluten and meat like Cauliflower Crust Pizzas and Cauliflower Steak.