10 Indian Sweets That Have Food Colours

1. Jalebi: Often, orange food colour is used to deepen the hue of jalebis.

2. Gulab Jamun: Confectioners add a dark pink food colour at times to make gulab jamun look more tempting.

3. Ice Cream Sandesh: This sweet is multicoloured and sometimes contain food dyes.

4. Gajar ka Halwa: A deep orange colour is used sometimes to make the halwa look more appealing.

5. Sooji ka Halwa: If it has a reddish hue, chances are there that food colour has been used.

6. Laddoo: Not all laddoos are naturally orange or yellow.

7. Rose-Flavoured Desserts: Colours and external fragrances are used at times to enhance the taste and aroma of these sweets.

8. Flavoured Rasgullas: Those pink, green and mauve rasgullas contain food colours.

9. Green Apple Sandesh: No, that green colour isn't always natural.

10. Amriti: Amritis are like jalebis and may contain food colours.