10 Languages To Learn For World Travel

1. Spanish: It is officially spoken in 21 nations.

2. Chinese: Many nations have Chinese communities and learning the language can help you communicate better while travelling.

3. French: Not every local in France speak English. Thus, knowing the language can be a huge perk.

4. Vietnamese: It's hard to find English-speaking locals in Vietnam. Know the language or use Google Translator.

5. German: You'll find it useful in many European countries.

6. Russian: Russians love to travel. You'd find a Russian in almost every destination.

7. Bengali: When you speak with a Bengali in Bengali outside India, be ready to make a new friend already!

8. Hindi: Hindi is one language that even many foreigners understand.

9. English: Worth mentioning, knowing English is mandatory for world travel.

10. Arabic: Travelling to the Middle East? Arabic can help you understand the local culture better.