10  Middle-Eastern Countries Where Cannbis/Weed Is Illegal

1. UAE makes it quite clear that use of drug in region is banned.

2. Oman also considers it illegal for any type of its use. 

3. Saudi Arabia has made it clear that use of weed in the area will cost 6 months in jail. 

4. Qatar has banned  cannabis entirely in the area. 

5. Turkey is a little biased for the use of weed. Sativex use is allowed but drug usage would be 1-2 yr in prison. 

6. Bahrain being a easy-going country still doesn't allow usage of weed in any form. 

7. Armenia cultivates cannabis but has imposed  2 months of jail for illegal use. 

8. Egypt stated the use is Illegal but often unenforced.

9. Lebanon allows medical use of weed whereas its illegal as a drug. 

Image Credits: Canva 

10. In Israel, the use of cannabis is decriminalized as drug and legal as medicine. 

Image Credits: Canva