10 Most Fascinating Facts About Indian Tourism

1. India has the world's highest post office at Hikkim, Himachal Pradesh.

2. Sundarbans, the world's largest mangrove forest, is in India.

3. Gujarat's Statue of Unity is the tallest statue in the world.

4. Meghalaya's Kongthong is a whistling village where every person's name is a song.

5. Kasar Devi in Uttarakhand has the presence of geomagnetic energy.

6. World's third highest peak, Kanchenjunga, is visible from Darjeeling and Sikkim.

7. India has a unique floating school on Manipur's Loktak lake.

8. Srinagar in Kashmir has a charming floating post office.

9. More than a million international tourists visit India each year.

10. Indian Railways has Asia's largest railway network.