10 Prawn Dishes To Try In Bengal

1.Chingrir Malaikari: This is the tastiest Bengali prawn preparation, any day.

2. Daab Chingri: It is prawn prepared inside green coconut shell.

3. Aloo Chingri: It is a hearty preparation of sliced potatoes and tiny prawns.

4. Chingri Chochchori: It is a mixed veg recipe loaded with prawns.

5. Prawn Paturi: It is prawn wrapped and cooked inside a banana leaf.

6. Potol Chingri: This delectable dish has pointed gourds infused with prawns.

7. Shorshe Chingri Bhapa: The dish blends the magic of mustard seeds and prawns.

9. Chingri Bhuna: This is a Bangladeshi spicy prawn dish.

10: Chingri Muri Ghonto: This is a special puffed rice recipe made with prawns.