10 Reasons To Add Prawns To Your Diet

1. Loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, prawns lower cholesterol levels. 

2. Compared to other protein sources, prawns are light and easy to digest. 

3. Prawns have zinc and iodine which is good for people suffering from thyroid. 

4. Prawns have low calories and fats which makes them great for weight loss. 

5. Prawns are loaded with B12 and they are necessary to combat B12 deficiency. 

6. Prawns have Vitamin E which makes your skin healthy. 

7. Prawns strengthen your bones as they have magnesium and copper. 

8. Loaded with selenium, prawns prevent cancer. 

9. Rich in astaxanthin, prawns boost your body with anti-inflammatory properties.

10. Prawns have niacin which keeps your nervous system healthy.