10 Unique Things To Know About Himachal's Spiti Valley

1. Spiti Valley has a 1000-year-old monastery, the Tabo Monastery.

2. The world's highest post office is located in Spiti Valley's Hikkim.

3. Gue village in Spiti Valley has a naturally formed mummy.

4. India's highest-altitude monastery, the Key Monastery, is in Spiti Valley.

5. Spiti Valley is home to the fossil village, Langza.

6. Asia's highest bridge, the Chicham Bridge, is located in this valley.

7. The valley gets covered in thick snow during the winter months.

8. It is considered one of the most breathtaking places on Earth.

9. The higher expanses of the valley have presence of snow leopards.

10. The culture at Spiti has Tibetan influence.