10 Vegan Breakfasts That Are Super Healthy!

Dosa is a vegan breakfast that we eat mostly every week. Just ditch the curd to mix your batter. 

Paratha is the king of breakfasts and veggie-stuffed parathas are healthy too.

Replace regular milk with non-dairy milk for a healthy bowl of oatmeal.

Pancakes are always a vegan breakfast option. Make sure to not use regular milk and honey.

Idli is healthy, yummy, and without curd, it is vegan too.

Upma is a healthy Indian breakfast loaded with veggies. 

Poha is a delicious breakfast option. 

Smoothies are super nutritious and you can make a vegan smoothie using vegan milk.

Vegan french toast drizzled with chocolate syrup and maple syrup sounds perfect. 

Peanut butter and bread: a classic breakfast option.