3 Cafes In Riyadh For Hot Crookies That You Cannot Miss

What is a Crookie?

A crookie is a delightful hybrid dessert that combines the best of two worlds: croissants and cookies.

Crookies have gained popularity for their innovative and indulgent nature, appealing to those with a sweet tooth craving something new and exciting

Why is it Trending

Cafes and bakeries are constantly innovating with crookie flavors and presentations, adding to the allure and keeping the trend fresh and exciting.

Trending in Riyadh

From chic urban cafes to cozy neighbourhood bakeries, there's a crookie hotspot to suit every taste and ambiance preference in the city.

Riyadh's Crookie Scene

As more cafes jump on the crookie bandwagon, Riyadh residents and visitors alike have ample opportunities to indulge in this delicious trend and explore new flavor combinations.

Crookie Craze In Saudi

Where:Al Olaya When: 5.30pm, 10pm-1.30am Cost: SAR14

1. Bake Stop

Where: Takhassousi When: Sat-Thu 7am-midnight, Fri 7am-11am; noon-midnight

2. BK Boutique

Where: Laysen Valley When: 5:30 pm to 8 pm

3.Le Grenier A Pain

So grab your crookies before they run out of stock!