5 Bengali Sweet Dishes You Must Try This Festive Season


1. Nolen Gurer Sondesh  Bengal's favourite Sondesh tastes even better when made with Nolen gur. This variety deserves a lot more attention!

2. Channar Jalebi Thses are not your regular jalebis. Channar jalebis are made of khoya, paneer and maida ingredients and has a totally unique and amazing taste.

3. Rajbhog These spongy Rosogullas stuffed with dry fruits, are a must-try!

4. Nolen gur'er payesh  This rice pudding made with date palm jaggery is one of the best Bengali sweet dishes to ever exist. Totally a must-try!

5. Kacha Gola This yummy and authentic sweetmeat is a must-try during festive seasons. Its also offered to the goddess every year.