5 Best German Beers To Try In India

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Popularity Of German Beers

German beers are renowned worldwide for their exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and adherence to centuries-old brewing traditions

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Why German Beers?

German beers consistently deliver exceptional quality and taste, making them a vital part of the global beer landscape

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German Beers To Try

Here are some German beers to consider trying in India:

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1. Beck's

Beck's is a well-known German pilsner known for its crisp and refreshing taste. Cost: ₹215 for 650 ml

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2. Erdinger

Erdinger is a renowned brewery specialising in wheat beers. Cost: ₹450 for 330ml

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3. Hofbräuhaus München

Märzen lager has a full-bodied character and a lovely balance of malty sweetness and hops aromas. Cost: ₹350 for 330ml

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4. Stangen Weiss Beer

This beer has a fruity scent and hoppy undertones in the finish. Cost: ₹550 for 500ml

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5. Warsteiner Pils

Warsteiner Pils has a harmonious blend of refreshment and a delicate malty sweetness. Cost: ₹350 for 500ml

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Have you tried any of these German beers before?

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