5 Best Places To See Sunrise In Assam

All Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Sunrise In Assam

Assam offers several stunning locations to witness a breathtaking sunrise.

More Than Sunrise...

These locations not only provide breathtaking views of the sunrise but also offer a glimpse into the rich natural beauty

Where To Go?

Here are some fantastic spots to catch a breathtaking sunrise in Assam:

1. Haflong

The hills and Haflong Lake provide a perfect backdrop for a mesmerizing sunrise​

2. Majuli Island

Watching the sunrise here is a serene experience as the island slowly wakes up with the first light of the day

3. Dipor Bill

This freshwater lake near Guwahati is an ideal spot for bird watching and enjoying sunrise.

4. Nilachal Hills

Nilachal Hill not only offers spiritual solace but also a panoramic view of the city

5. Umananda Island

Umananda provides a unique vantage point for a serene sunrise experience over the Brahmaputra River​

So, where are you heading first?