5 Dishes Bengalis Love To Eat In Winters

1. Koraisutir Kochuri Koraisutir Kochuri is a delicious puri stuffed with the yummiest mixture of boiled peas and spices.

2. Nolen Gurer Payesh Bengalis' feast in the winter season is incomplete without Nolen Gur. Nolen Gur er Payesh is a dessert made with milk, rice, and jaggery.

3. Palong Shak Ghonto Palong Shaker Ghonto is one of the many vegetarian dishes that are a must in the winter season. It is a preparation made with spinach, potato, pumpkin, and loads of vegetables. 

4. Pithe Bengalis wait for winter to relish Pithe. You can't stop yourself from eating these even if you are full. 

5. Joynagar Er Mowa Every bite of Joynagar Er Moya tastes heavenly. Prepared with Khoi and Nolen Gur, it is a must!