5 Earthquake Prone Places In India

The city is vulnerable to earthquakes because it is located in India's seismic zone number five.

1. Guwahati

 The capital of India is the third-most earthquake-prone region in the country.

2. Delhi

The capital of Jammu and Kashmir is another earthquake-prone Indian city. Additionally, it belongs to seismic zone 5.

3. Srinagar

Additionally, Mumbai is in seismic Zone 3. Mumbai's proximity to the ocean raises the possibility of a tsunami.

4. Mumbai

Chennai formerly belonged to zone 2. However, the city recently moved to zone 3.

5. Chennai

The Bureau of Indian Standards divided the nation into four seismic zones: Zones II, III, IV, and V. Zone II is the least seismically active of these four zones, whereas Zone V is the most seismically active.

What are zones?

Seismic waves are those that occur as a result of an earthquake. The seismic zoning map of India aids in identifying the country's lowest, moderate, and highest risk or earthquake-prone regions. 

Seisemic zone mapping

Additionally, before building high rise structures, these maps are utilized or examined to determine the degree of seismology in a specific area. In the long run, this aids in life preservation.

High building structure

Have you survived an earthwuake?