5 Food Combos Netizens Are Dissing

Chai Maggi We are shocked by the weird combination of chai and Maggi, two things that Indian worship. Would you love a mix of the two?

Pizza & Ice Cream We are not sure if the Italians will accept this version of the pizza with ice cream toppings! Netizens don't seem very happy, though. 

Cereal & Meat Combo Want the best of both worlds? Then, here is a mix of cereals and meat—one of the weirdest combos up on the Internet.

Omelette With Coke & Oreo This is one of the random combos that makes no sense. Here, coke and oreo biscuits are mixed with eggs! Would you try it?

Ice Cream Maggi The ice-cream Maggi combination had the Netizens surprised after watching Maggi cooked in ice cream.