5 Foods That Were Created By Mistake

Potato Chips

A customer at Saratoga Springs wanted thinner potato fries and the chef prepared the delicious Potato Chips for the diner.


Will Kellogg was supposed to make healthy granola for the patients, but he invented cornflakes in the process. 


John Montagu was playing cards and didn't want to leave the game and eat with his hands. So he asked for roast beef stuffed between two bread slices and this is the story of inventing sandwiches. 

Ice-Cream Cones

An ice cream vendor needed dishes to serve ice cream and a guy named rolled out waffles into cones to help the ice cream seller. It became a hit in no time!


John Pemberton created 'Pemberton's French Wine Coca' to deal with his cocaine addiction. Later, Asa Candler bought it for $2,300 and added soda to it for more bubbles.