5 Gur Desserts To Relish This Winter Season

1. Nolen Gur Rosogolla Every bite of rosogolla infused with Nolen gur tastes like heavenly deliciousness.

2. Nolen Gur Payesh Nolen Gur Payesh is a winter favourite of Bengalis cooked with palm jaggery.

3. Nolen Gur Sandesh Sandesh is a famous Bengali sweet. And when it is infused with jaggery, it seems like a burst of lusciousness.

4. Nolen Gur Icecream You can even relish tubs of ice cream of this delectable flavour. 

5. Til Gur Laddoo Healthy scrumptious laddoo of sesame seeds and peanuts mixed with jaggery tastes appetising.