5 Heritage Home Durga Pujas In Kolkata 

1. NILMONI SEN BARIR DURGA PUJA This Durga Puja has a beautiful Thakur Dalan with arched patterns and was first started by a gold merchant from 19th century Calcutta, Nilmoni Sen.

2. LATU -BABU CHATU-BABU BARIR DURGA PUJA This Durga Puja was first performed by Ram Dulal Dey and since then has been one of the most beautiful Bonedi barir durga pujas of Kolkata

3. NARASINGHA DAW BARIR DURGA PUJA This Puja was celebrated by the Daws since 1859 and is famous for having a unique Thakur Dalan

4. DUTTA BARIR BONEDI  PUJA This Durga Puja was first introduced by Shri Shyamal Dhon Dutta and is known for its beautiful Pratimas

5. SOVABAZAR RAJBARI This Durga Puja was founded by Raja Nabakrishna Deb and locals believe that Goddess Durga visits this Rajbari to listen to the music performed in the Naach Ghar.