5 Reasons Why Ooty Is Known As The “Queen Of Hills”

Ooty  is a beautiful hill station nestled in the Nilgiri mountains in Tamil Nadu. 

This beautiful hill station is a blessing to the eyes with lush greenery everywhere!

It is famous as the "Queen of Hills" across the world. Do you know why? Check this out!

1. Dodabetta peak, which is the highest in south India is 2640 feet in height, while Ooty stands at 2240 feet!

2. As it is at high altitude, the climate is always pleasant. 

3. This hill station has a beautiful man made lake. 

4. It is located on the juncture of three major states namely Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. 

5. It is one of the few hills that has the perfect condition for tea. 

Have you ever been to Ooty?