5 Reasons Why You Must Drink White Pumpkin Juice Early Morning

Recently, on Curly Tales Tere Gully Mein, actor Sanjay Mishra told us that she consumes a glass of white pumpkin juice every morning. Here are its benefits. 

1. Aids weight loss A glass of this juice every morning on empty stomach helps you lose weight. 

2. Boosts Immunity This juice is known to be a magical drink that boosts your body's immune system. 

3. Good For Eyes With vitamin A, C and E in it, this juice improves your eye health. 

4. Anti-depressant This juice is an anti-depressant as it contains a type of amino acid which gives you a  happy feeling. 

5. Acne-free skin This juice helps you clean out toxins from your body giving you an acne-free skin.