5 Stargazing Destinations In India That Must Be On Your Bucketlist

Dzukou Valley In Nagaland This is one of the most amazing destinations when it comes to stargazing in India. The starry nights in Dzukou Valley are a sight to behold on clear nights.

Bomdila In Arunachal Pradesh Bomdila is a halting-place before you reach Tawang and it is a great place to view the starry skies.

Majuli In Assam Majuli in Assam is the largest river island in the world. This island too, is full of places where you can watch the starry skies.

Shnongpdeng In Meghalaya One of the prettiest states in Meghalaya, the outskirts are lit with stars on clear night, especially winters.

Katao In Sikkim The mailanders are obsessed with the tourist attractions in Northeast India. And, one of the reasons of visiting these spots is stargazing.