5 Types Of Bhog Served To Maa Kali On Kali Puja

1. Khichuri Bhog Khichuri Bhog served to Maa Kali tastes heavenly. It is made with aromatic Gobindobhog rice and Moong dal.

2. Labra Labra is a Bengali vegetarian recipe made with loads of vegetables. No onion or garlic is used to cook labra.

3. Basanti Pulao Basanti Pulao is a traditional Bengali rice recipe. It is yellow in colour and loaded with ghee and the aroma of Gobindobhog rice.

4. Niramish Mangsho Niramish Mangsho (Veg Mutton) is a preparation of mutton without using onion and garlic cooked primarily during Kali Puja.

5. Payesh Payesh is a quintessential Bengali dessert very similar to Kheer.