5 Types Of Cocktails That Are Strong & Awesome

Aunt Roberta: This drink is much like the LIIT. It also contains various types of alcohol and spirits, making it one of the strongest cocktails among others. 

Jungle Juice: This one is more of a cocktail of fruits with the best of vodka. And, yes, you can prep this at home & serve this strong cocktail at house parties. 

LIIT: It is considered a super strong cocktail and has various combinations of alcohol. The drink has a high amount of alcohol in it compared to other cocktails. 

Mix vodka & cranberry to make the Vodka Cranberry. You can add more flavours and fruity zest to your drink by adding lime or even orange juice. 

Black Russian, which has the flavour of coffee added to vodka, has great taste & is the right amount strong for a cocktail.